We’re a great fan of the work of the UK Safer internet centre and particularly their push for better education around online safety.

While our WaveConnect Education broadband services ensure the safe use of the Internet in school, the vast majority of time children and young adults will spend online is at home or when out and about. It’s crucial that they know how to stay safe and recognise the dangers. It’s equally essential for staff and parents to be able to spot the risks too to protect their online reputation and personal data.

Over 1700 organisations took part in the UK Safer Internet day in 2018, and it’s estimated that 45% of young people aged 8-17 and 30% of parents were involved in some way. With so many competing priorities and demands on staff time, it’s vital that any planned activity will have a positive impact. For some feedback on Safer Internet Day 2018 then you can find out more from the UK Safer Internet Centres website.

If you are thinking about getting involved this year, you’ll probably want to start planning your activities later in the Autumn term. In 2019 the date for the school calendar is Tuesday 5th February.

Stay Safe!