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Wave 9 Education

Wave 9 was founded by five former directors and senior staff from Synetrix Limited; Andy McFarlane, Lee Neely, Matt Davies, Mark Burton and Andy Hvass.

They have an average of 20 years experience in providing cost effective, safe and secure broadband and e-safety and security services for education in the UK. From its inception in 1998 Synetrix grew to provide and support specialised broadband and e-safety services for more than 2.5 million pupils in over 6000 primary and secondary schools in England, when, in December 2009, it was acquired by Capita and merged into a general technology business unit within Capita’s IT Services Division.

Having left Capita, our founders re-united and established Wave 9 in September 2013, with the specific objective of re-focussing on the education sector and once again providing safe, reliable and cost effective specialist broadband and e-safety services for primary and secondary schools in the UK. In 2013 and 2014 the business was focussed on developing a new range of education centric broadband and telephony offerings together with their associated security and cloud based support systems and services. This is complemented by a range of Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Services. All of Wave 9’s offerings have been designed with today’s schools in mind, delivering a high quality service whilst recognising the swing from the traditional “LEA” geocentric model to a more dynamic eco-system of comparatively smaller groups of schools under the auspices of national and regional trusts and local community initiatives.

Our services are still made available under a traditional purchase and support model for those schools that require it, but we have also fully embraced the Cloud model. We understand the funding challenges that many schools face today and all of our services, including Wireless and Fixed Infrastructure, can also be provided on a pure annual rental basis, with Wave 9 funding the initial capital and installation costs. We think that it’s important to make it easy to do business with us and have taken a number of steps to simplify procurement for our customers. As an integral part of this we are pleased to have our services represented on two pre-competed public sector and education specific frameworks; G-Cloud, operated by the Cabinet Office, and the Think IT framework operated in partnership with the East of England Regional Broadband Initiative.

In recognition of their knowledge and experience individual founders of Wave 9 have served on a number of major education initiatives. Andy Hvass was an inaugural committee member of the education strand of the Broadband Stakeholders Group (the UK government’s leading advisory group on broadband) and of the Community Access to Lifelong Learning programme for museums and libraries supported by the National Opportunities Fund. Lee Neely served as a board member of PSNGB, the trade association representing suppliers to the Public Service Network initiative (PSN). In addition Andy McFarlane and Mark Burton presently both serve as Chairs of school governing boards and all of our staff are DBS cleared for working within schools.

We would be delighted to help you to develop and support a robust and capable IT service that reliably underpins all of your school’s objectives, now and into the future.


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