Academies & Multi Academy Trusts


Academies face some unique challenges.  In some ways the process of becoming an Academy can be compared to creating a new company.  As well as the day to day business of teaching and learning, the school has to take on a number of important functions and processes that are new. WaveConnect solutions fully support the ICT needs of a developing Academy. Our range of innovative, secure and cost effective services can quickly enhance the use of technology to support improvement, improve communication and increase efficiency.

Multi Academy Trusts

When schools and academies start to come together under multi academy trusts, there becomes a real opportunity to look at how ICT can support the developing organisation. Streamlining processes and reducing duplication of effort promote a more collaborative, mobile and flexible way of working. Centralised management of IT infrastructure and a ‘branch office’ approach to architecture, utilising the Cloud, can transform the cost and efficiency of the trusts operations. This can free up valuable time and resources to focus on school improvement. Our WaveConnect propositions are suitable for any size of trust from two or three schools to even the largest chains. Our unique charging model helps match your income to your expenditure and cashflow, whilst ensuring that your IT is ready to grow and adapt to changing needs.