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Buying IT Services for Schools: Where to Start?

News 13th March 2023

As an education professional, you know that implementing IT in your school can be complicated and costly. You’ll also be fully aware that your IT infrastructure is critical for day-to-day operations, teaching and learning and keeping pupils, staff and data safe.

Whether your goal is to improve performance and capacity, streamline services and support across a trust, or simply upgrade existing systems that have become dated, unreliable and insecure, we have some useful tips to help you get started.

Essential tips and advice

Our buyer’s guide focuses on some of the critical elements  of IT communications infrastructure. It is tailored to help you find the right service for your school, ensuring you gain maximum value from your investment. Read on to learn more. 

Why do you need managed IT services in school?

Managed IT is essential because it ensures that systems are functioning correctly and efficiently over the long term. This includes maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software, keeping backups of configuration, implementing security measures to protect student and staff data, and providing technical support to staff and students. 

The right services will be mindful of regulations and DfE best practices. When integrated and managed well, they will help avoid duplicate spend, unpredictable costs and provide support whether you have the right skilled resources or not. Investments will be strategic, low risk and well-planned. 

Your IT essentials for education

Let’s look at 4 critical pillars of school IT network infrastructure and the “non-negotiable” requirements for each. 

IT for schools essentials

School Broadband

  • Reliable, safe and secure internet with capacity for the further adoption of cloud services and delivered in line with DfE standards 

Internet security

  • Enterprise-level protection against evolving cyber threats and web filtering to meet the requirements of KCSIE and PREVENT and help you get Cyber Essentials Certified

Telephony for education

  • Flexible business-grade telephony with features that support parental communication, staff mobility and safeguarding.

Wired and wireless networks

  • Secure local Wi-Fi and Networking, maintained and supported over its lifetime, professionally designed, installed and managed to make sure spending on devices and learning applications is not let down by poor connectivity.

We work closely with the education sector

No two IT systems are the same.

Teaching environments have specific demands that reflect the educational needs of teachers and students. Wave 9 is a specialist provider of managed internet infrastructure, specifically for schools, academies and trusts.

Our service architecture is constructed so that teachers, heads of department, IT and business managers across your school community can manage, operate and optimise safe and secure IT, allowing you to focus on the job of educating.

Our frameworks are fully optimised to meet the digital demands of your working day. They are built to DfE technical guidelines alongside industry leading partners including Sophos, Gamma and CISCO Meraki.

Every Wave 9 customer is supported throughout their professional journey with advice, guidance and ongoing support.

Safe, Secure Internet and Communication Services for Schools: A Buyer’s Guide

If you are a School leader, Business manager or IT professional looking at refreshing aspects of your school’s IT infrastructure, then this guide is for you.

Our buyer’s guide builds on the “non-negotiables” and questions to ask any provider before procuring services. It includes vital service features to look for and some great examples of IT infrastructure services delivered with the specific needs of schools in mind.

Download the buyer’s guide here.

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