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Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust

Type of school

Multi Academy Trust



Wave 9 Service

WaveConnect Managed Secure Broadband & Web-filtering

Project Overview

Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust is a growing West Midlands based multi-academy trust committed to providing high-quality education for all the children in their schools through collaboration, challenge and targeted support. The Trust consists of 19 schools across the West Midlands. The Trust’s academies work collaboratively on aspects of teaching and learning as appropriate and needed but retain their individual character.

Having been appointed Head of IT in 2020, Austen Puleston is supporting the schools with a strategic IT plan.







To support his objectives, there was an initial need to plan and implement a common secure, managed broadband and web-filtering service for all 19 schools.

The schools previously had a mix of providers, such as Local Authority provision or hosted systems from multiple education ISPs that they felt were poorly supported, inflexible and lacked the visibility needed to cope with modern, complex IT needs.


Outdated internet services with insufficient capacity and slow speeds


Unreliable connectivity with frequent outages across multiple sites simultaneously


Sub-optimal visibility of online activity


Lack of clarity of cyber threats and mitigations


Long delays for simple changes to be made


Poor supplier support with lack of escalation options or Service Credits for poor performance


Increasing need for operational and teaching staff to move between sites


Poor remote access options


Growing upload demands through the adoption of cloud applications such as Office 365


Complex on-site needs such as guest Wi-Fi access (BYOD)




Reliable, resilient and fast Internet Connections protected by Industry-leading Managed Sophos XGS Next Generation Firewall to help manage security requirements and workloads of all 19 sites

DFE Compliant Web-Filtering from Sophos with full per-user reporting

Centralised management, monitoring and reporting to support the IT Team

Configured for minimal infrastructure between teachers and resources to help improve productivity

Equipped to adapt to the growing needs of the Multi-Academy Trust

Robust service level agreement to meet the connectivity needs of teaching staff in their specific location with Service Credits

Full flexibility to self-manage with unlimited Wave 9 Helpdesk support

Vastly improved functionality for guest access, remote access, and mobile staff

Market leading security and cyber threat protection

Future proof scalability with mid-term upgrades

Dedicated project management and technical implementation team to ensure a smooth and low-risk transition

Delivered within budget and on time

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