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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

Type of school

Multi Academy Trust


Tamworth, Burton-upon-Trent

Wave 9 Service

WaveConnect Managed Secure Broadband & Telephony





Project Overview

Fierté Multi-Academy Trust in Staffordshire has nine schools across Tamworth and Burton-upon-Trent. The Trust’s focus is primary education with a strong commitment to the local communities they serve. The Trust’s aim is to deliver an ambitious, high-quality curriculum to every pupil that leaves no one behind. The school’s range in size with the largest having a capacity of over 650 pupils.

Working with individual schools, the leadership has developed a close-knit professional collaboration that enables them to offer expertise, advice and guidance to improve outcomes for all pupils. It is the firm belief that each trust school will maintain their individual and unique identity but benefit from the school-to-school support and the development of strong collaboration networks. Robust, location independent connectivity to systems and resources, and effective and seamless communications between everyone in the school community is seen as a key component of achieving this goal.

The Trust also values the importance of encouraging safe, responsible and productive use of technology to prepare pupils for a future in education and employment and has developed a strategy to enable this:

“I think that the role of I.T. in education has changed significantly over the years. We have a very strong commitment to the computing curriculum that we have implemented throughout our schools. The range of technologies that children will be expected to understand and master has moved on significantly and IT skills will be crucial for their further education and the workplace.”

Maria Hamblin – CEO, Fierté Multi-Academy Trust







In order to facilitate the trust wide’s curricular objectives, IT support and administration services must be streamlined across all nine school locations, with managed broadband, web-filtering and telephony consistently delivered Trustwide. The IT provision must also be scalable to coincide with the Trust’s future growth ambitions.


Need for future proofing for Trust growth – upwards of 20 schools require “forward facing” provision of IT services and connectivity


Ongoing unreliability of IT service provisions


Lack of transparent costing structure among services and tariffs


Inconsistency of IT service experience across the Trust, lack of cohesion among network infrastructure


Outdated broadband infrastructure incapable of meeting the security and bandwidth needs of the modern school


Frustration among teachers and reluctance to plan lessons around the use of technology


Unresponsive IT support and lack of vision for improvement from providers

Solution #1



Reliable, resilient and fast Internet Connections protected by Industry-leading Managed Sophos XGS Next Generation Firewall to help manage security requirements and workloads of all 9 sites

DFE Compliant Web-Filtering from Sophos with full per-user reporting

Centralised management, monitoring and reporting to support the IT Team

Configured for minimal infrastructure between teachers and resources to help improve productivity

Equipped to adapt to the growing needs of the Multi-Academy Trust

Robust service level agreement to meet the connectivity needs of teaching staff in their specific location with Service Credits

Full flexibility to self-manage with unlimited Wave 9 Helpdesk support

Vastly improved functionality for guest access, remote access, and mobile staff

Market leading security and cyber threat protection

Future proof scalability with mid-term upgrades

Dedicated project management and technical implementation team to ensure a smooth and low-risk transition

Delivered within budget and on time

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Solution #2



Delivered and configured with specialist knowledge of telephony for schools

Low capital outlay and predictable ongoing costs

Inclusive call charges

Ability to work remotely with mobile and PC clients. Present the school’s number when calling parents when offsite.

Inclusive support with no charges for changes

Equipment maintained for the term of the agreement

Low-cost call recording to support safeguarding and staff well being

Delivered within budget and on time

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