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There are some big changes happening around your data rights.  We have updated our Cookies policy to reflect these changes.

Wave 9 – GDPR Cookie Policy (V3 25 03 2018)

How can I change my Wave9 cookie settings?

Some essential features on just won’t work without cookies. And having other cookies switched off can seriously affect the way you’ll be able to use this website.

Please check your cookie settings below and turn on any cookies you’re happy with.  “Functional” cookies can’t be turned off. But Analytical, Social Media, Advertising and other cookies can be turned on or off below.  Click on the “Save cookie settings” button to apply your choice.

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How to reset your cookie consent

To accept / reset your cookie consent for, please click the button below.

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Your information and privacy

At Wave 9 we understand that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used.  Use the link below to view our privacy policy.

Wave 9 GDPR Privacy Policy (V3 25 05 2018)