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DfE Broadband Standards

News 25th January 2023

The DfE have recently released some updated standards, which can be found here.  The new standards are all pretty sensible and will have a positive impact on reliability and capacity.  In summary;

  • Schools should use a full fibre connection for their broadband service
    • This would usually mean a leased line for larger schools, but for smaller schools, FttP, where available is a great choice.  We can quote for both so you can compare and for those small sites where FttP is not available yet, we’ll upgrade you mid-term if it becomes available during your contract term
  • Schools should have a backup broadband connection to ensure resilience and maintain continuity of service
    • We can offer a second link for all of our customers and because we use direct internet access (as opposed to MPLS or PWAN), we can ensure full diversity, enhancing your resilience.  In addition, if taking our WaveConnect service, we configure both primary and backup links as active and load-balance them, so you get the benefit of the bandwidth from both
  • Schools should have appropriate IT security and safeguarding systems in place, under both child and data protection legislation
    • Our WaveConnect Service is fully compliant with DfE safeguarding and data protection legislation and includes a next generation firewall dedicated to the school.  In addition we can include a second failover appliance for very little cost, for more peace of mind

Contact us for more information, a quote or an informal chat about how we can help you meet the new standards cost-effectively.

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