Wave 9 has a range of solutions to suit most schools’ server infrastructure environment, whether it’s a new on-premise server, a cloud or hosted deployment or a Hybrid of both.  Our services include consultancy, project management, installation, configuration and ongoing support with a management contract to suit your needs.

If your server is on its last legs and needs replacing, now is the ideal time to review the direction of your infrastructure strategy and whether a simple replacement is the right approach.  With the advance of cloud hosting and Infrastructure as a Service platforms, you should consider whether a capital outlay on a bulky, power-hungry server is still the right approach.  More and more of the applications schools use are now cloud-based and provide universal access from anywhere as well as a high level of security and resilience.  Why not consider moving some of your own services there too?  There’s no need to take a big bang approach if that doesn’t appeal, which is where a hybrid approach comes in.  Moving the bulk of your data and applications to the cloud, allows you to improve the day to day operations of a busy school, enhance resilience and disaster recovery and reduce the footprint of inefficient hardware in your school.

For MATs and Federations, it allows the development of much more flexible and collaborative working practices.  Data sharing and staff/pupil mobility are facilitated, and costs and complexity are reduced.

Ask us today how we can help you develop a cloud-first strategy that won’t break your network or the bank.