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Office 365: How To Get Free Copies of Microsoft Office 2016 Legally

Free Copies of Microsoft Office

News 9th October 2017

Did you know that if your school takes out an Office 365 subscription, you could offer your staff & students a copy of Microsoft Office 2016 for them to use at home, all free of charge?

That might sound crazy, but it’s one of the benefits of taking out a school subscription to Microsoft Office 365!

As a part of your school’s Office 365 subscription, you have the ability to offer your staff & students a free copy of Microsoft Office 2016 that can be installed on up to five devices each (that’s per-user), for as long as they keep their association with the school.

If your staff or student’s 365 account remains valid (IE they are still actively attending school, or employed by the school), then their license to use Microsoft Office at home would remain, and they can continue using Office on their devices for as long as they wish, free of charge.

Sound good?  We think so too…

Maybe some of your staff are still using an older version of Microsoft Office on their family computer at home, or maybe they’d love to use Office a little on their iPad or Android tablet but find the cost for buying Office from the App stores a little too expensive.  If so, then why not consider an Office 365 subscription, allowing your users the freedom to access Office on whatever device they need to, whenever or wherever they are.

Installing Office 2016 on the user’s home computer couldn’t be easier.  The Microsoft Office 2016 suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher, so all your users need to do is to log in to the Microsoft Office 365 homepage and click the button to download the Office 2016 software.  Once downloaded and installed, Microsoft Office will ask your user to log in with their Office 365 account and password.  After logging-in, their copy of Office is licensed and free to use.  No need to contact your IT department.  No need for administrator passwords or roll-outs.  Your users can do this completely on their own, without any complications.  It’s that easy!


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