WaveConnect – Technical Support

In addition to providing free ongoing support for all of our managed service propositions, we are also able to offer a technical support service for schools based on a mix of in-school and remote helpdesk elements.

We will work with you to define a support service that supports you in the day to day use of ICT as well as help you develop and implement a longer term strategy to ensure that you make the best use of your budget and all of the benefits that a modern ICT infrastructure can deliver.

As with all of our services, flexibility is key.  If you already have a level of technical resource, and just need help and support for specific projects or technology areas, we can provide subject matter experts on an agreed day rate or project fee.  If you need help defining and creating an ICT strategy for your school or MAT, then we can provide consultancy, both technical and commercial to help you.  If you need some ongoing in-school technical support on an agreed schedule, perhaps a few hours a week, backed up by remote helpdesk for a quick response, we have that covered too.